Time to complete your order:
GLOW is here! Clearwater's best GLOW PARTY is now every Friday & Saturday Night from 7:00-11pm, so you can experience the night, THE RIGHT WAY! Come join us as we turn the lights off and the lasers on for all ages! Glow can be purchased in 1,2,3, and 4 hour intervals. Glow shirts are required at all GLOW events in order for everyone to be safe and have the most fun possible. Get your GLOW shirt for $8; if you choose not to purchase a shirt please wear a neon UV Reflective colored shirt or any white t-shirt.
*an Activity Pass, GLOW attire, Sky Socks and a valid waiver are required for participation*
*This event contains flashing lights, which may not be suitable for photosensitive epiliepsy*
*No refunds are available should the park lights need to turn on for any reason*
*GLOW is included in the Elite & Elite+ Only*